Ferguson Burns: President black, Police white, Child dead

Gilbert Perry 


Obama President of the NSA

Ferguson. Jury no charges against the cops, who shot dead Michael Brown (18), killed an unarmed black young man. Demonstrations escalated in the night, the police drove apart protesters with smoke bombs and tear gas, police cars and buildings were set in flames, supermarkets were plundered by the population. A disaster for Obama, the first black U.S. President, whose black voters are now running away.
President black, police white child dead
Total failure Obama: The first Black President makes his own people in the lurch. Are United States white forces in a racist bloodlust? US police shot and killed a 12 year old boy, a black boy again. Ferguson is capital of the US race riots since the killing of a black teenager by a white policeman Darren Wilson. There, a mostly white jury against the death of shooter, a white police officer, decided to not prosecute.
The black teenager who was unarmed was killed by police bullets. The white jury saw in a killing in self-defense officer Darren Wilson will not be held accountable. The black population of the United States can’t believe this. Many see it more a cowardly racist murder by the State violence of this most powerful ever by a blackruled nation. The jury’s decision has proved in her eyes have black by the legal system of the United States to expect only scorn and contempt – but no justice.
Hola Hombres! Obama seeks new voters

Obama looking for new voters, after the blacks, whose votes he entered the White House, after running him. Meanwhile, the minority of Latinos is already more numerous than that of blacks, so Obama wants to buy their allegiance with a few concessions to illegal immigrants from Mexico. Racial minorities in the United States do not have much choice: the right-wing populist to-extremen Republicans are still with one foot in the era of racial segregation, if not slavery.

The neo-liberal populist Democrats like to talk about equality and accept the votes of minorities in elections with a broad grin, but then do little or nothing in return. Just like the Republicans, they make only a rich, mostly white elite of monetary policy. In other words: welfare wages down, away, and tax exemption for bosses and millionaires. The bloated US military machine devours thousands of billions of dollars for crusades around the world against Muslims, Chinese, Russians, or who make always the Western media of lying as villains of the day to be pilloried.
Neoliberal terror State: US police is similar to paramilitaries

Inside, a paramilitary armed police force is increasingly drilled on violence against its own people. The US culture industry provides for the ideological brain-washing: total violent noise in action films, whose Schurken are always Muslims Slavs, Cubans etc. A view of man as a predator in the social Darwinism, fight everyone against everyone. Cooperative, peaceful solutions are ridiculed and if necessary through hired terrorists sabotaged. The governance is a two-party dictatorship after Bill leagues playing bad COP and good COP, the Democrats make the good COP. But both are neoliberal exploiter friends.

The nomination of black Obama was only symbolic politics: the coconut President proves outdoor Brown, but in snow white. Vote in the United States, is to receive a ballot paper on which you can tick anywhere only neoliberal (german party FDP).

2 Gedanken zu “Ferguson Burns: President black, Police white, Child dead

  1. It looks – bad enough – as if Ferguson should be the trigger for an orchestrated violence between black and white people to proclaim martial law. There are rumours that the death of Michael Brown could have been a kind of second Sandy Hook – with a lot of stories about fear, lies, violence and police but no victim. On the other hand it is obvious that all over the country are racistic white police men and women just serving in places with black young people.
    During the last week some fotos came up about actors starting riots in the streets of Ferguson and about some special forces putting fire to some police cars. Even if this is not the personal work of the American president, he didn’t hinder others to do so. Hopefully the people find out about what they should be used for and stop using violence.

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